Free online games for kids
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Free educational online games for preschoolers, toddlers, and children

by Mostly Mommies
iPhone and iPad games for toddlers, preschoolers and children.

Be warned, I let my baby play with my iPhone ONLY in its protective case. I haven't received any kickback for saying that it's been a few months and there's no damage at all. I use the Fisher Price Apptivity iPhone case

Pic-A-Boo How cool is this app? Create a unique peek-a-boo game featuring your baby on your iPad! Better still, you can record your little one's reactions from within the app at the same time. That means you can finally capture those laughs and giggles! You know, the ones they stop when they see you with the camera?

ABA Problem Solving Game
Super cute rhyme matching game.

Talking Roby the Robot
A cute little robot who repeats your words back to you in his wee robot voice. Cute and entertaining - similar to the Talking Carl app.

Signing Time - ASL Dictionary Flash Cards
I did the Baby Signing program with my now 2 year old "before there were apps" like this one. :-) This app is amazing and helps your baby to communicate long before he or she can speak to you with words.

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom
Use the colouring pages or tilt-to-steer game - my wee one loves it.

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