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by Mostly Mommies
VISIT THE NEW SITE HERE!! I've had this game here for ten years now and I've received so many thank you's that I keep it here at the top of the page. It's a free game you can use to teach your infant or toddler basic mouse skills. Once they know how to use the mouse, this games page will supply both of you with hours of educational entertainment!
Teach your toddler to use a mouse - Play it now!

What a fun and colorful site! Here is one of their fun games that helps with sight word recognition through matching. Sight Word online Matching game
Make a Discovery - Kids' Music by Marcie
I rarely promote an album on this games page but this one is free (for now) for download and includes an e-book for your e-reader! Any music that has a track called Disco Donut Robot works for Mommy too!

Knowledge Adventure - lots of flash games and there is now a Mobile section too!

Sprout I like the categories and descriptions here! This page is to develop fine motor skills in toddlers

Online baby videos and entertainment - short and fun, guaranteed to capture your baby's attention. From Plumvision.

Paint like Jackson Pollock
- this is so creative and fun, I just lost 15 minutes checking it out!
Alphabetimals - Abdsolutely adorable! 

StoryTimeForMe - Free online stories for toddlers and preschoolers

Check out

Click here to visit the Kids' games page on Click on the title above to visit the home page which offers parents' and teachers' areas as well.
This site offers games, stories and activities both online and offline. See below for some of the characters that make their home at Scholastic.

Clifford the Big Red Dog©
There are some simpler games here such as Build a Sandcastle. For the younger Clifford fans, there are Puppy Clifford games like PeekaBoo - Clifford hides and you find him!

The Berenstain Bears
Pack a picnic and play with this well-loved family of Bears!

Preschoolers' choice:
Play I Spy free online games!
They rate the I SPY© activities and games at ages 4 and up. Some younger kids may also enjoy the simpler games. Be sure to check out their Matching game!

Fun with Spot - what a great site! Celebrating 30 years off educational entertainment for kids, you can create your own Spot stories to share or play a game with Spot.

Online puzzle games for kids - I especially like this one that requires a basic undersanding of weights and counterbalancing: Huje-Tower Game

Aven's Corner

A little older than toddler, games from the Arthur section of PBS Kids are sure to capture your kids' attention! Play Arthur games here!

Put on your own fireworks show at Crayola! I just visited again and I still love this one!

Julia's Rainbow Corner
VERY easy to navigate by rolling over icons to hear where they lead. Many games that don't require specialized knowledge and then some that do, like Connect the Dots. This site does not have ads and promotes environmentally conscious behaviour - what more could I ask while I get the dishes done! :-)
At first glance very simple but challenging enough to hold their attention - this is just a sample of the great games at this site. Boowa and Kwala : Boowa's shell game.

Learn the alphabet online
This is a very educational online game that teaches both the alphabet and the corresponding phonetic sounds.
Thoroughly enjoyed by both a 6 and 4 year old.
Starfall alphabet online reading game

Angelina Ballerina must be the sweetest little mouse cartoon I have ever seen!

If you have been looking for Thomas the Tank Engine online games - look no further!
Some of the games are perfect for the older preschooler, requiring the use of the arrow keys - we're looking for ways of teaching kids keyboard skills - send us YOUR tip today!

My personal favorite craft site: Art Attack

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Here is a simple way to introduce your baby to the click and drag concept with something he's probably already familiar with - Building Blocks. You can rotate the blocks, too!
They have one of the BEST online coloring games - so simple, you can even try your older infant or toddler out on this one!

This site is laid out in a new way - there are stories, online activities, off-line activities and crafts all in a related theme. There are two age groups Preschooler and Elementary. Very interesting and a great novelty - my daughter loved Baby Gorilla Goes Shopping, 5 Hungry Crocodiles, and the fun print out craft, Paper Teddy Bear. - Free games for kids of all ages
Highly entertaining, this site offers Blues Clues games, colouring pages and even short clips! Dora The Explorer makes her home here, too. They also have an extensive library of stories which are fun to watch with your child but which are also easy enough that your little one can "read" it on their own for a couple of minutes.

Fisher Price's Free Online Games and Activities
Wow! I didn't think I'd relish reviewing infant games but Sparkling Symphony is really cute and my"just gotta touch the keyboard" baby loved it! There are several "bash" games out there (send in your reviews for our upcoming newsletter) but the Tap and Color game actually give baby sister a chance to colour on the computer just like her big sister! Plus it states the color being added - for all that, it wins the Mostly Mommies' big thumbs up for the infant online game category.

Polly Pocket
La-la-la-la-Polly... Great games for girls.

Bob the Builder Can we fix it? YES, we can!

Sesame Street
Brought to you by the letters "M" (for "Mom", of course) and "G" (for "great"). Easy to navigate and the games are educational and entertaining.

Fun children's music in English and French by Will Stroet

Girls! Check out the amazing games at! Dress Barbie, help take care of a baby, or plan a Barbie Party!

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The lights flash in a certain order that you try to remember and play back. Very simple and yet it will hold the attention of most toddlers for at least long enough for Mommy to cut up some fresh apples!
Play Memory

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