Free online games for autistic children

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Jacob's Lessons - simple layout with activities to educate and focus.

This is an innovative idea to help children with autism see themselves doing things like brushing teeth, going to the doctor, going to school - once they have seen themselves do it "onscreen", it makes it much easier for them to actually complete these tasks in *real life*. Look At Me Now!
You can do this yourself using green screen technologyClick to see how.
Try a FREE Green screen DEMO today!

Sesame Street
WhizKid Games

There are some very useful browsers built for children to be able to safely use designated sites - some charge a small monthly fee but provide a monitored environment. I like the blog at KidZui and they offer a free trial of their browser environment.

Create your own video playlist - this site,, is perfect for parents and caregivers of autistic children as it allows you to create your own playlist from available youtube videos that launches from your own webpage supplied by them - adfree webpage! Then you can simply click on the link on the left and the video plays.

Recommended software for children of all levels - BirdRockFamily - very reasonable prices, wide variety of entertaining games. Recommended by GraceUnderAutism. Many thanks!

Free downloads for children - includes some items aimed especially at children with autism but also many useful downloads for all parents, such as handwriting practice sheets and flashcards.

How Lego can help autistic kids

Steve Jobs interview: Apps for Autism

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